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When it’s about hiring an attorney, then you undeniably prefer to choose a trusted professional for achieving the desired outcome.
Since our expert attorneys have been practicing for years, we understand the law very well. This is something that allows us to handle each matter with efficiency and offer positive results.

1. Conveyancing / Real Estate


With our experience of over a decade in Conveyancing, we offer our expertise in property law to individuals, companies and institutions. The firm serves on the panel of various local banks and have extensive knowledge of understanding the specific needs of each bank.

The firm also serves a high portfolio of property developers by being involved from inception of the project and seeing it through to finalization. We assist the property developers in making sure that they appoint an efficient professional team for the project and in case were project financing is required we assist our client in sourcing for funds from financiers in the market.

We therefore ensure active participation between developer, professional team, financiers and end user in order to complete the projects successfully. Over time and through our daily engagement with the property developers and property buyers, we have built strong relationships not only with the financial institutions but as well with various Local Authorities.

Our professional legal services include, but not limited to:

Our professional legal services include, but not limited to:

2. Commercial Law


With our experience of over a decade in Commercial, we offer our expertise in negotiating and drafting of various commercial contracts for our private clients, State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), Companies and financial institutions. These agreements range from Public Private Partnership (PPP), Construction, Oil and Energy & Debt Financing.

With emerging markets and private equity fund being in the forefront on the African continent, lately our main focus have been on Mergers and Acquisition (M & A).

We have advised and assisted financial institutions and Private Equity Fund successfully with the structuring of M & A transactions. We also have the expertise of filling merger transactions with the Namibian Competition Commission (NaCC) and we advise our clients accordingly by making sure that they are in compliance with NaCC laws.

We have been instrumental as well in assisting numerous clients including investors with conducting commercial due diligence and legal opinions.

International Commercial Clients:

We are constantly approached by international clients that seeks legal advise in doing business in Namibia. Due to the fact that each client has its own unique needs of a specific sector, we make sure that we advise our clients with regard to the applicable legislation concerning the specific sector in order to make informative decision before investing in Namibia.

Due to the high demand by clients seeking investment advise in different sectors in Namibia, we have decided to come up with a document that can assist in understanding the legal environment of sectors when doing business in Namibia.

3. Corporate Law


Our team have been advising corporate clients and SOE over a decade and the firm serves on the panel of numerous SOE’s and Local Authorities.

Our professional legal services include, but not limited to:

Debt Collection

Ideally it will be perfect if clients and customers would pay their bills promptly and businesses would not have to concern themselves with collections. Unfortunately many businesses have unpaid accounts and especially during this pandemic times of Covid-19. These unpaid accounts put tremendous financial strain on businesses not to operate efficiently and effectively.
By instructing our firm to pursue debt collections, we will handle everything from contacting the debtor to pay, filing summons and actions, attach property or otherwise execute a judgment. Meaning, our mission is to obtain the payment as instructed by client as efficiently as possible, whether that means negotiating a settlement agreement or issuing of summons.

4. Dispute Resolution and Debt Collection

Dispute Resolution

We aim to resolve disputes in an effective manner for our clients. We do not believe in a “one size fits all approach.” We explore the full spectrum of legal options available and then advise clients as to which strategy is the best suited to meet their needs. There are specific components that we deploy in order to achieve the best results for our client:

5. Labour and Employment Law

During these challenging times of Covid-19, many businesses are forced to retrench their employees. This has brought many challenges to both the employers and employees in the business sectors. We therefore deliver effective solutions to the challenges our clients face with employment law by making sure that they act within the ambit of the Namibian Labour Act.
We also support our clients by appearing in all employment-related forums. Including the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal.
We provide pragmatic legal dispute solutions to our commercial clients  by pursuing or defending arbitration or litigation, or through Alternative Dispute Resolution. At all times, we strive to settle our client’s disputes out of court by entering into a settlement negotiation.

Our professional legal services include, but not limited to:

Our professional legal services include, but not limited to:

6. Estates and Trusts


Estate planning is key to any family. We devote our experience, energy and creativity to individuals and families on protecting wealth and administration of their estates by advising them on Laws that deals with the Administration of Estates as well as Trust Laws.

7. Intellectual Property Law


With Covid-19, the world has transformed into a digital new era, to which data protection is key in protecting your business privacy. Privacy is a fundamental human right under Article 13 of the Namibian Constitution and the unprecedented digital transformation has made it essential for companies to safeguard customer information from corruption, compromise and loss. We evaluate the fairness and lawfulness of transactional data and advice our clients on strict legal requirements to protect personal information from misapplication.

We are ready to provide you with legal advice on Intellectual Property protection, including information on the registration of patents. You can trust us with your most complex legal disputes in Intellectual Property and Patent.
Led by the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Protection Act 6 of 1994 of Namibia.

Professional Legal Services Include

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