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AS Attorneys​

We are a boutique law firm of lawyers with the experience of practising law and committed to helping our clients succeed

Qualified Legal Attorneys

We take a fresh perspective and novel approach to legal matters with a legitimate, ethical legal approach.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Our combined skills and experience stretch over a decade across different sectors.

We Are Digital-First

To leverage new markets and drive innovation, our firm incorporates digital technologies in its daily practice.

Professional and Experienced Attorneys

We take a fresh perspective and novel approach to legal matters.

Our combined skills and experience in litigation, commercial, corporate and conveyancing transactions, stretch over a decade and across different sectors both public and private.

Our international affiliation with other law firms provide us a competitive edge in applying international best practices to our domestic jurisdiction and delivering quality work of excellent standard.

When we require expertise to technical matters, we seek Counsel’s involvement to ensure quality service delivery for our clients.

Our Commitment

Regulators and Compliance

Financial Intelligence Act (FIA)

Money laundering represents a serious threat to the Namibian society in general and can threaten the foundations of the rule of law. As a law firm we are aware of our obligations to detect, prevent and report suspicious activities and/or transactions against money-laundering as required and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Act (Act No.13 of 2012) and thereby acting with integrity and ethics in upholding the rule of law at all times

Law Society of Namibia (LSN)

As a firm, we are regulated by the Legal Practitioners Act (Act No. 15 of 1995) (the “Act”) through the LSN and operates with fidelity fund certificates issued by LSN.

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